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Withers & Withers Horse Treats


When I gave the last white sugar cube to my horse, Norman, he took it trustingly, but I felt guilty about giving him something unnatural and chemically processed, so I decided to create a treat that was healthy both for him and the environment.

SWEET HORSE TREATS are sourced from organic, unprocessed, fairly traded raw cane sugar and milled flaxseed. They are rich in molasses and infused with a trigger dose of beneficial herbs that horses love. For young riders we created PERFECT PONY TREATS to increase their awareness of healthy nutrition. We also developed a treat that INSULIN RESISTANT horses can enjoy made with Stevia & Cinnamon, to offer sweetness without risk.

Whether used to train piaffe, maintain energy levels for trail and endurance horses, reward reining horses, or treat your backyard buddy, even finicky horses love them. They dissolve in the horse's mouth and promote salivation so they can be given with the bit in, and don't crumble in your pocket. They are compressed, not baked, increasing their shelf life, and maintaining freshness and potency. Our flip-lid tins fit in grooming boxes, and contain almost 200 treats making them quite economical.

We use only the finest human grade organic ingredients, so they are the perfect Green Gift for horse and rider!