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Henri De Rivel

Henri de Rivel

Henri de Rivel saddles are created by a specialized staff. They are experienced in design and technology and are well able to produce these very select products. The excellence of the saddlers and the specialized carpenters and blacksmiths put all of their art, knowledge and dedication into the making of Henri de Rivel saddles. They are devoted to producing top quality products for the different international demands. Every detail in the production line is personally supervised by the saddlers and they are involved in every step that gives shape to the piece. All of this combined with the technological precision of our infrastructure, makes for perfection. The support and the balance of the Henri de Rivel saddle is extraordinary. The highly qualified materials are adapted to the shape of the rider as well as his horse, which achieves more precision of movement. Much thought goes into the structure of the saddles, always with the client in mind.

The Henri de Rivel saddles satisfy the requirements of the most demanding of horsemen and are considered to be some of the best in the world. The good quality of a saddle is based on the tree. Its various production processes are combined with technique and craftmanship in different skills, such as carpentry and smithy. We have over 40 models of trees, which allows us to build saddles with the widest range of models, sizes, profundities, seat width and apertures. There is quality control in all stages of production and the symmetry in materials allows them to achieve a final product which serves as a template for all saddles to follow. Hence the saddlers develop their work in a more consistent and precise way.

The elaboration of a good saddle is based in the sum of very important technical details which are combined during the production process. Their artisans have been very carefully trained and selected. Their technical designers have acquired knowledge from the world's best saddlers who they have shared both their views and their work while participating in joint ventures. They are proud to say that they are able to do what others cannot do. They do not have design limitations and are always improving in technological developments and quality. All of their efforts are aimed at satisfying their faithful customers: the Horseman and the Horse.