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.Breyer HorsesThe premier name in model horses and animals, Breyer is renowned for the realism, authenticity and detailed accuracy of its models. To achieve that level of excellence, Breyer works with the best equine artists and sculptors, the most talented innovators in manufacturing technology and the most-respected equine and wildlife organizations in the world. Breyer has strong ties to the real horse world, so you can be sure to see the latest and greatest equine stars in their line, created with great attention to detail and a deep knowledge of horse anatomy! Each model is expertly hand painted and finely detailed, and looks so real, you can almost feel it breathe! These iconic model horses have inspired the model horse hobby, which is enjoyed by adults and children of all ages! Breyer models are enduring collectibles and Breyer supports the model hobby which includes collecting, showing and customizing Breyer models.