Late for the Sky makes all kinds of games about DOGS, HORSES, CATS and More! First of all, it's no fun playing DOG-OPOLY with your dog. Sure, you're going to win, but they never count the money right, they drool on the board and they only want to be the steak token. But if you are a dog lover, you'll be hooked when you see this game. It's loaded with fun. The same goes for CAT-OPOLY, HORSE-OPOLY, PONYL-OPOLY'all of them! People that love animals love these games. They are great gifts for someone with the passion. They'll appreciate the personal touch. Look for all the new DOG BREED Opoly Games! Find them all at
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Late for the Sky Monopoly GamesLate for the Sky Production Company began making specialty board games in 1984. Our first game was MIAMIOPOLY, based on Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Company founder and president is a 1980 graduate of Miami University and her time spent there served as the inspiration for the first game. The title list soon spread to around 80 major U.S. colleges. Each game is a walk around a specific university and the board spaces are the campus buildings, local businesses and traditions that are special to that school. The success in the college market prompted the entry into a new market - games designed around major cities, creating the CITY IN-A-BOX line of board games. These games are filled with local landmarks, icons, and traditions that present the character of cities all over the U.S. and Canada, without the clutter and bias of advertising. The 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century have proven to be an incredible time of reinvention and innovation for us. In addition to our extremely popular COLLEGEOPOLY and CITY IN-A-BOX lines, we have brought to the marketplace some of the best selling board games based on popular culture themes like decades, animals and pets, music and movies, food and spirits. We have also positioned ourselves as one of the most complete board game production and manufacturing companies in the U.S. for customized games designed specifically for companies and organizations. We occupy a 60,000 square foot building where we handle everything from design, printing and manufacturing, to assembly and distribution in house. At last count, we shipped our 7,000,000th game. We�re hard at work researching our next group of games for the upcoming year.